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Name:Superboy/Kon-El/Conner Kent [DCAU version]
Superboy's first memory is of waking up in clear vat of green liquid. At the time he couldn't remember anything except a certainty that he was Superman. Of course, he quickly learned that it was not the case. Superman was older, and his powers actually worked the way they were supposed to. And was perfectly alive and well and not the Kid.

Eventually they figured out that he's a clone. His DNA is half human, half Kryptonian. Superboy doesn't have most of Superman's powers, though. Instead he has tactile telekinesis, a sort of aura he can manipulate that lets him be as strong as Superman. He can also use it in ways Superman can't, like taking apart a machine by jamming his TTK in between the parts and making them fly apart. Speaking of flying, he can do that.

Superman gave him the Kryptonian name Kon-El and the human name Conner Kent and dumped him in Smallville with Martha and Jonathan Kent. Kon hated it in the country and showed up at Clark's apartment with a backpack full of stuff and a declaration that he was not going to live in Boringsville. Rather than let the kid out on his own, Clark said he could live in the spare bedroom so long as he went to school and kept his grades up. He doesn't like the school thing so much, but he puts up with it and does his best to do okay. Also, he fights crime with Superman.

He's friends with the staff of the Daily Planet and Robin and lots of other cool people. He still doesn't know where his human DNA came from, but it can't be that important, right?

Superboy is property of DC Comics. This particular version is adapted to fit in the DC Animated Universe. That's why he's somewhat different from the comics version in terms of history and powers.
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